The 411 on Lenses

CR-39 Plastic lenses: Initially produced as a lightweight alternative to heavy glass lenses and are now the smart choice for moderate prescriptions. A wide-range of lens colors can be achieved with plastic CR-39 lenses.

Polycarbonate: A variety of benefits that make it the most versatile of today's lens materials. One of the safest lenses, it is ten-times more impact resistant than conventional plastic. Polycarbonate lenses provide ultraviolet protection and the ability to be made thinner and lighter. Single vision polycarbonate lenses are included in the price of frames. This is a tremendous value!

High-Index: If you want thinner and lighter lenses and eyeglasses that are as comfortable and attractive as possible, then High-Index lenses are a good choice. These lenses bend light more efficiently, using less material, making the lens thinner and lighter weight than CR-39 (plastic) lenses.

Trivex: Similar benefits as polycarbonate but may offer crisper optics. They are made from a cast molding process similar to how CR-39 (plastic) lenses are made. Trivex lenses are about 10% lighter than polycarbonate but are not quite as thin. Very impact resistant and good choice for drill mounted frames.

Anti-Reflective Coatings: Consists of several layers of metal oxides to the front and back lens surface. Each layer is scientifically calculated to block reflective light. The result is clear, crisp vision. Fewer reflections allow more light to pass through the lens to the eye for better vision and more transparent and attractive lenses. Other benefits include sharper vision with less glare when driving at night and greater comfort during prolonged computer use.

Transitions Lenses: Darken outdoors as they are exposed to UV rays from sunlight. Indoors, as the UV diminishes, the lenses fade back to clear. Transitions lenses provide 100% UV protection and, combined with Anti-Reflective lenses provide lenses for everyday visual comfort.

Polarized Lenses: Sun lenses offer 100% UV protection and block surface glare from water, roads, snow and the front hoods of cars. They offer maximum sun protection by reducing glare from these annoying and intense refractions of light. Available in a variety of colors and, when combined with a backside AIR, make for an awesome pair of sunglasses.

Digital High-Definition Lenses: Made with a sophisticated free-form process and will result in a highly customized, very precise finished product. Digitally enhanced lenses take into account how the lenses are positioned in front of the wearer's eye. This provides the most accurate lens power and the sharpest vision possible.

HD Computer Lenses: Designed to provide the best vision for extended computer use. Digitally enhanced with the latest technology, these lenses have a large area for reading and close-up work and an intermediate optimized for clear vision at the computer monitor or laptop/tablet distance.

Mirrored Lens Applications: A highly reflective layer of coating is applied to the front surface of the lens to darken and provide a fashion statement. Most mirrors are applied over a base lens color. A variety of mirror colors are available in more bold or subtle densities.