Eye Nutrition

ProOmega NutritionOur doctors recommend Nordic Naturals ProOmega fish oil for our dry eye and macular degeneration patients.

Dry Eye

Over 10 million Americans suffer from Dry Eye Syndrome, characterized by chronic inflammation of the ocular tissues. These patients experience burning, dryness, and redness in the eyes. Recent research has demonstrated that a diet rich in the omega-3 essential fatty acids, EPA and DHA, can substantially inhibit the inflammation that causes dry eye.

Macular Degeneration

Within the eye, the retina and the macula are susceptible to degenerative changes associated with age. EPA and DHA, found in the omega-3 essential fatty acids, play key roles in maintaining the healthy structure and function of eye tissue, particularly at the macula where there is a higher concentration of DHA.

Nordic Naturals

We recommend this particular brand of fish oils because it contains a higher quantity of EPA and DHA that is critical for our eye health and because it has undergone better processing.  The higher processing removes environmental toxins such as mercury and lead, without damaging the delicate oils; thereby ensuring there is no fishy taste.  For more information please ask our doctors or visit Nordic Naturals.

May 1st, 2020

We will be reopening effective Tuesday May 12th! We are glad to be back and looking forward to providing our patients with the exemplary care you have come to expect in the safest environment possible.

While our doors will be open, we will have some changes in effect per guidelines from the CDC and the American Optometric Association.

We are asking patients to CHECK IN prior to entering the office. We will have a check in station set up where we will conduct a health screening questionnaire and your temperature will be checked.

We are requiring that all patients over the age of 2 wear a FACE MASK.

SOCIAL DISTANCING will be required and our staff will approve entry in order to control the number of people in the office. Please wait for staff approval before entering the office.

In order to maintain our social distance guidelines, we will be allocating ONE HOUR for the exam, shopping, and checkout. If you need more time to find the perfect pair of glasses we will be adding specialized shopping times.

If you had an appointment that was cancelled due to the COVID 19 closure, please contact our office at 303-979-3937 so that we can reschedule your appointment.

Thank you! We look forward to "seeing" you all again! :)